Editorial Services

Manuscript or Script Evaluation

I will read the entire manuscript, but won’t make any comments in the margins of the document. Instead, I will provide a critique of the overall storyline of the novel, with suggestions on what you need to do to improve the story, characters, plot, etc.

Developmental edit

Includes all of the above, but I will go deeper on the novel or script, with comments throughout the manuscript itself, highlighting the exact areas that need your attention. Developmental editing will give you a more in-depth guidance.

If you have completed all or most of a first draft and would like feedback on your plotline, characterisation, character arc, overall story arc, story development, consistency, style, tone, and the other fundamentals of the novel/script, this service is right for you.

Bear in mind, your manuscript does not have to be complete before you undertake developmental editing. I can help you find a way forward to finish your script or manuscript.

I can also develop a hybrid option that falls somewhere between these two services, both in the level of detail I provide and the cost of the editing service.

If you aren’t sure which service you need, I am happy to guide you once you submit your script or manuscript.

What does a critique include?

Every critique I write is unique, but there are some general areas I typically cover:

Grammar, spelling and mechanics.
While I usually don’t perform any proofreading, I will take time to point out any consistent grammatical or mechanical issues I come across.

Tone and style.
I will consider your tone and style and give you feedback on what qualities define your style and how you can further weave your voice throughout the manuscript.

Language and repetition.
During developmental editing, I look for words and phrases that are misused or overused, so you can clear them up.

You can expect a thorough examination of the characters. I will discuss what works and doesn’t work for certain characters and how you can further develop your characters and their relationships.

Plot, structure and consistency.
I will examine your novel for plot, structure and consistency issues. I will identify any major plot holes, and I will also point out places where the story drags or where you may want to add more information, description or twists and turns.

Ready to Submit?

Use the form below to describe the type and scope of your editing project. I will review it and get back to you.


Eva was a pleasure to work with! Very prompt with professional and helpful critiques. Would definitely recommend!

C.L. Corrigan, April 2021

Eva. Is. Amazing. She has an impeccable sense of pacing, character development, and overall manuscript structure. Hiring her to look over my story was easily the best thing I’ve ever done for it.

Benjamin Baum, April 2021

Was very happy with Eva’s edit for me! I’m actually in the process of working with her again for a second edit. She’s great for making you look more into your work and to take it further and expand on it. I’m so happy with her work and suggestions on my book!

Hayley Fekete, February 2021